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An all-season sunroom is a portion of a home enclosed in a series of windows that let in beautiful views of the outdoors. Think of it as a part of your home that makes you feel connected to nature, but without having to be exposed to the elements. An all-season sunroom is designed to be enjoyed during every season, including the cold winter months. That’s possible when the sunroom is constructed with thermally efficient materials that keep out cold air.

Unlike a traditional sunroom, a conservatory is an addition that’s completely enveloped in glass—including the roof—and is typically a separate structure from your house. Because a conservatory’s roof is constructed with glass, these additions let in tons of light, and allow you to create a space that incorporates nature and the outdoors. NJ Sunroom Additions offers a variety of conservatory styles, including cathedral, Edwardian, Victorian, and even custom designs. All of our conservatories are constructed using high-performance materials and thermal-efficient glass.

NJ Sunroom Additions offers a wide variety of sunroom styles, including all-season sunroom, cathedral sunrooms, gabled sunrooms, integrated sunrooms, patio enclosures, three season rooms, and solariums. All of our sunrooms are constructed from a composite of PVC materials that are very energy-efficient.

The space you need depends on the use you envision for your sunroom. Typically, we can work with whatever amount of space you have, as long as it’s appropriate for the intended function of the room.

The construction process involves a number of steps, including processing, permitting, delivering, and installing, which can take ten to twelve weeks after finalization with our sales representatives. If you add customized designs to your sunroom addition, some additional time will be added into that figure.

NJ Sunroom Additions is your source for sunrooms and conservatories of all kinds! We work one-on-one with our customers to develop the perfect sunroom solution. Our in-depth expertise in construction of these structures makes us a top sunroom addition company in New Jersey.

Yes! We can fully customize the features of your sunroom, including the roof. We pride ourselves on working with you to help you pinpoint your preferred features and styles.

We are proud to offer warranties on our products and services. Warranty begins when the product or service is delivered to you, and it protects your purchase against defects in material or workmanship under certain conditions. Read more about our warranties

The Building Process

During your consultation, we meet with you to discuss your options, your space, the design you envision, and your budget. We’ll also talk with you about your options for materials and for various other construction options. We make sure we get all the details right up front, to minimize unexpected issues later on.

While common wall sizes tend to fall between 12’ to 30’ long and 6’ to 8’ tall, we can customize your sunroom to nearly any dimension. Each sunroom we build is designed to meet your individual needs and specifications. Want an extra-large sunroom? We can handle that!

NJ Sunroom Additions handles the building permits needed for construction in our area. We are experienced with building to code and obtaining the necessary permits. Leave it to us!

Yes! The best way to accomplish this is with an integrated sunroom design that works seamlessly with your home’s existing architecture. We’ll customize a solution that blends perfectly with your roofline.

Certainly. We offer European skylight conservatories that can add height and brightness to your space. Envisioning something more outside-of-the-box? One of our representatives would be happy to talk to you about ways to customize a skylight for your sunroom.

Yes, adding a ceiling fan is no problem. There are several ways we can incorporate space for a ceiling fan into the design of your sunroom, depending on the style you choose.

Yes. It’s fairly straightforward to add gutters during construction, or even afterward.

NJ Sunroom Additions Quality

NJ Sunroom Additions uses high-quality, energy-efficient materials such as vinyl and fiberglass for all of our sunroom and conservatory designs. Our constructions incorporate high-quality insulation that helps you save on long-term energy costs.

Vinyl-fiberglass composites are much more energy-efficient than aluminum. While aluminum is cost-effective and appropriate for many types of sunroom construction projects, ultimately, an aluminum sunroom results in a larger long-term expense due to its reliance on heating and cooling units. Vinyl-fiberglass composites are the clear choice for high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient sunrooms.

NJ Sunroom Additions constructs all of our sunrooms and conservatories with inclement weather in mind. We use products that are made with materials that expand and contract throughout the seasons. In fact, our sunrooms can withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour.

NJ Sunrooms Additions’ all-season sunroom are designed to be used year-round—even during New Jersey’s freezing winter months. Thanks to their revolutionary NFRC materials, the four season sunrooms we install are 800 times more thermally efficient than standard construction, making them a pleasure to spend time in no matter the time of year.

Our sunroom windows and glass doors are made with insulated glass that’s creating by combining at least two pieces of glass with a spacer that seals the pieces together. This approach traps air between the glass, and that air acts as clear insulation that keeps outside temperatures from seeping in.

Because our sunrooms are constructed with energy-efficient materials, they often need very little in the way of heating and cooling, and more often than not, your existing HVAC system can be used to heat or cool the space. In cases where the room needs a bit more temperature regulation, a standalone heating/cooling unit can be installed.

With a sunroom design from NJ Sunroom Additions, leaks are practically nonexistent. That’s because we use a fastening system and moisture weeping channels that fully seal your room to avoid any leakage. In the rare event that a leak occurs, you can rest assured any defects are covered under warranty.

Frost tends to be an issue with poorly insulated aluminum rooms. Since our sunrooms are made with high-quality insulation and energy-efficient materials, moisture and frost buildup are never an issue.

Decorating and Using Your Sunroom

Absolutely! Though glass roofs let in a lot of beautiful sunlight, they are insulated to reflect a majority of infrared heat, so your room won’t become too warm to enjoy in the sweltering New Jersey summers.

You can outfit your sunroom with any type of furniture, though it is important to plan ahead and discuss your design vision with our representatives. We want to be sure we construct a sunroom for you that will be appropriate for the furniture styles and sizes you want.

Definitely. It’s fairly straightforward to add a fireplace to your sunroom’s design.

Yes! A sunroom or a conservatory is certainly appropriate for enclosing a pool space or for creating a pool house or entertaining space. We’re happy to customize a solution based on your needs.

Yes. Our sunrooms are versatile and are appropriate for a range of uses, especially those that incorporate plants, which benefit from the increased sunlight and temperature regulation.

Though a doggie door can’t be installed in a glass knee wall, there are ways to add a doggie door to your overall addition, as long as there is an appropriate place in the sunroom with the necessary structural features. Talk to a representative and we can discuss your options.


Good news—as highly desired features, sunrooms can increase the resale value of your home. Energy-efficient constructions can even help sell your home faster, according to some homeowners. Any addition adds square footage to your home, and that extra living space is attractive to homebuyers.

Since tax rates are usually locked until the transfer of a deed, your taxes are not likely to rise when you add a sunroom. Usually, tax increases are capped at a certain amount regardless of the home’s recent improvements. However, tax rates are related to the overall value of your home and can be raised by a county tax assessor, who takes quality and location into account, in addition to any value added by the sunroom addition. 

A sunroom’s cost comes down to the amount of customization you require for the project. The room’s size and the amount of glass required are a few variables that can affect the price, so each sunroom we sell is priced differently. To get a clearer price range, contact our team to get a free quote now.

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