Whether you have a farmhouse, a grand old Victorian, or a ranch style home, sunroom additions can provide many benefits for your family. These additions are flexible spaces that can be used for many purposes from gardening to entertaining. Yet, they always bring lots of light into your home and your life.

What are some reasons to get a sunroom?

Boost Home Value

If you are looking for ways to raise your property value while also improving quality of life, adding a sunroom is a good choice. Per HomeAdvisor in 2020, installing a sunroom will provide a return on investment of about 49%. So, if you spend $10,000 on a sunroom, the value of your home would instantly increase by $5,000.

Added Room for the Family

If your home is a touch small for your family size, it might feel like you are all crowded in together. Completing a major home addition is a pricy project that can take weeks or months of your time. But sunrooms are much more affordable and can be built quickly.

You’ll be able to give your family an extra space for playtime, soaking in the sun, or just to spread out a bit.

Place to Entertain/Relax

With many restaurants and theatres still being closed, more people are choosing to entertain at home. However, the coming cold weather makes it hard to hang out on a deck or patio enclosure. All season sunrooms provide a place where you can still visit with friends and family that isn’t so chilly. Plus, the second entrance allows guests to come and go without entering the rest of the home.

Mood & Health Improvement

Sunrooms were originally designed to provide a place where homeowners could get plenty of sunshine without being exposed to the rest of the elements. Sunning yourself is a great way to improve health and mind. Just 15 minutes of sunlight a day can help the body produce enough Vitamin D for a strong immune system. However, it’s hard to get enough sun in the cooler months. A sunroom allows you to maximize your exposure without feeling the cold.

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