3 season sunrooms

Installing a three season room is a great way to expand your entertaining space and create more usable square footage for any number of seasonal needs. When it comes to designing your new addition, you’ll have to consider if you want to be able to use this room year-round, or if you’re okay foregoing the extra space during the winter months.

As a professional sunroom installers ourselves, our team at New Jersey Sunroom Additions is here to help you make that decision, starting with answering the first big question: what is a three-season room?

Three-season rooms are sunroom additions that are designed to be used as long as the weather is fairly mild. Let’s go through the pros and cons of three-season sunrooms, so you can decide if installing one is the right option for you.

Three-Season Sunrooms: The Pros

There are plenty of reasons you should install a three-season sunroom in your New Jersey home. For starters, they are: 

  • Great for Hosting: Our custom three-season sunrooms can be designed to be a comfortable seating area in your home where you can host friends or spend time with the family.
  • Affordable: three-season rooms are not designed to be resilient against the cold winter weather like four-season rooms, so they are easier to install. That said, you can expect this type of sunroom installation to cost less in terms of both labor and materials.
  • More Open to the Outside: Since three-season rooms aren’t built with the insulation properties of all-season sunrooms, they can easily be left open to the elements on milder days. And you can choose removable screens, so you can really open the space up.

Three-Season Sunrooms: The Cons

The only real disadvantage of installing a three-season sunroom is there may be times when you can’t use the room. As the name suggests, three-season rooms are designed to be functional for most of the year, but not all. 

These sunrooms are not built with a heating system, so when the weather gets really cold, you’ll want to seal this space off from the rest of your home to ensure your HVAC system isn’t working overtime to combat the poor insulation.

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