Conservatory Repair

A conservatory is a beautiful addition to any home, and with proper installation and regular maintenance it will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. If, however, you find that you need a repair, it’s a good idea to have some background information on what to expect.

A few examples of the reasons a repair or update may be necessary include:

  • Storm Damage
  • Cracked Panels
  • Leaks Due to Faulty Gaskets
  • Moisture Damage Wooden Frames
  • Poorly Fitted End Caps
  • Outdated, Inefficient Glass

Often, damage to conservatories is preventable. For example, it’s very important to keep your gutters clear of debris in order to prevent damage to your conservatory’s roof. Another common reason repairs become necessary is inferior workmanship. That’s why choosing a sunroom installation company with an excellent reputation is a must.

What to Expect from a Conservatory Repair

The first thing to know is that even a simple conservatory repair might not be that simple. In order to get the job done right, it’s not just a matter of slapping in a new piece of glass.

Here’s what to expect for some common repairs.

Leaking Roof
When your roof is leaking, the exact source of the leak must be found. In some cases, the roof must be dismantled in order to find the source. This makes what some may think should be a simple repair a big job.

If this is the case, it is typically more cost-effective to replace the roof. This is especially true if the problem was caused by subpar installation or the use of low-quality materials.

The good news about replacing the roof is that you won’t have to replace the entire structure. The windows and doors, as long as they are not also damaged, can remain. Another bit of good news is that the installation of a pre-fab roof usually takes just a few hours.

Slipping Panels
If the roof panels on your cathedral, Edwardian, or studio conservatory start to slip, it can cause air or water filtration. The repair professionals will reposition the panels and then install roof clips to keep them in place.

Condensation Between Double-Glazed Panels and Cracked Panels
If you see misting or condensation on one or more panels, those panels can often be replaced rather than requiring a full replacement. The same is true for cracked panels. If, however, damage is found on the gaskets or frames, you may have to look at doing more than just replacing the panels.

Poorly Fitted End Caps
Replacing the end caps usually corrects issues caused by poor installation, but the key is identifying and correcting the problem early before damage occurs that will require further conservatory roof repairs or replacement.

Perished Gaskets
When you learn the problem with your roof is gaskets, you might think “Oh, great! It’s just the gaskets that need to be replaced.” While that’s usually true, the roof may still need to be dismantled to see if all of the gaskets need to be replaced, which is frequently the case since age is often the culprit.

NJ Sunroom Additions provides expert conservatory installation, custom design, maintenance, and repairs. Our affordable maintenance plans prevent the need for common repairs. If you need a repair, our highly skilled, experienced professionals provide expert workmanship for long lasting results. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.