So, you’ve decided that Bergen County sunrooms are the next step in adding value and enjoyment to your home, and now you want to make your space as beautiful and relaxing as possible. But how do you make your sunroom stand out from other local Bergen County sunroom additions without putting a lot of extra maintenance and expense into your space? Here at NJ Sunroom Additions, our local design experts have gathered some ideas on how to decorate your space and make it look great.

Add Plants

There’s no room more perfect for adding a little flora and fauna to your home than a sunroom. With the additional light and natural humidity (depending on how warm or cold you like to keep your space), plants and flowers will thrive and really round out the natural feel to your space.


Adding chairs, tables, and couches to your sunroom is a given if you want to enjoy it completely, but the style of those chairs, tables, and couches can make or break the look of your space. Often, homeowners make the mistake of going with outdoor furniture. We feel this defeats the novelty and charm that come from having an indoor space that feels like it’s outdoors. Instead, try one of two looks: cozy, or woodsy. For a cozy look, try thick cushions and lots of throw pillows, as well as a light, warm color scheme. For woodsy, choose natural wood grains and coordinating colors to compliment your sunroom’s outdoor surroundings.


It’s a common mistake to ignore the lighting choices in your sunroom addition, considering the fact that the word “sun” is even in the name of the room. However, your new space isn’t just for the daylight hours. Choose a beautiful chandelier, or add a cozy fireplace to make your new room a welcome retreat, night or day. Add some lanterns or some candles to make your space extra cozy, or snatch up some twinkly Christmas lights for a charming look year-round. 

No matter how you decide to decorate your new space, trust NJ Sunroom Additions as your sunroom installers for affordable, custom-designed sunrooms and repairs that keep your needs and the beauty of your space in mind, every time!