So you’ve decided you’re ready to make the leap into the club of homeowners with Bergen County sunroomsBut you want to ensure that the cost of your new investment is worth it. While any investment in sunrooms in Bergen County is going to bring added value and enjoyment to your home, as your New Jersey sunroom company, our experts here at NJ Sunroom Additions have shared three tips to guarantee you get the highest value of return on your sunroom addition. 

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location

There are a couple facets to this tip. First, the general location of your home; what’s the weather like most of the year near your home? This can affect your need for stronger or more energy-efficient materials – things that will cost more upfront, but save you money and maintenance later on. Second, where exactly do you want to install your new sunroom on your home? The natural choice tends to be the backyard, but if your home doesn’t have a particularly large or scenic backyard, you may want to consider alternative beneficial options, like a front porch (which can add curb appeal to your home), or a side room to maximize value and appeal. 

Tip #2: 3 or 4?

It’s important to fully consider your sunroom options before beginning your installation. While a three-season sunroom can be enjoyed for a good portion of the year, and keeps costs low upfront, the nature of these sunroom designs (often simply screened-in porches, or rooms without added insulation or energy-efficient windows) can require more maintenance and even drive up your energy bills later, if you have a particularly cold winter or hot summer and choose to completely enclose the room. Alternatively, a four-season – or all-season – room requires a larger investment upfront, but can keep maintenance and energy costs lower later on. Not to mention, a four-season room maximizes resell appeal. 

Tip #3: Faith, Trust, and Professional Sunroom Experts

Finally, it should be fairly obvious that putting your trust in the right northern New Jersey sunroom installer is vital to maximizing your return on investment. Afterall, a sunroom is like adding an addition on to your home. You’ll want the help of a contractor who will listen to your needs, consider your budget, understand the nature of the job and meet all local building codes. 

Of course, when you’re ready to make the most of this new investment in your home, NJ Sunroom Additions will be here to help make sure you get the maximum value and return on your sunroom investment.