It’s officially that time of the year, when we all seek cozy comforts to escape the chill of the season, like a pot of homemade chili simmering on the stove, the robust aroma of a cinnamon or wood-scented candle, or the dazzling sight of holiday lights twinkling off a pristine patch of snow.

It’s cold outside, and it will be many months before singing birds and blooming trees usher in the spring, but there’s still plenty of beauty to behold in the winter—especially in New Jersey! As such, it’s our goal at NJ Sunroom Additions to help you experience the season up close and personal, even when it’s just too cold to go outside.

Contrary to its name, three season New Jersey sunroom additions aren't just for spring, summer, and fall. If you aren’t warming up your space and enjoying your personal oasis year-round, you’re missing out. Luckily, you have options when it comes to heating sources. Here are just a few suggestions from the experts at our New Jersey sunroom company.

1. Space Heaters

Space heaters are an easy and affordable way to quickly heat up your three season sunroom when it’s cold outside. Depending on the size of your space, plug in one or two space heaters, grab a blanket and book, and you’ll be set for hours. Many electric space heaters are equipped with a pressure trigger in their base, too, so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over and running unattended.

2. Electric Baseboards

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, consider installing electric baseboards. Baseboards can be easily installed after construction, making it a convenient supplemental heating solution. Baseboard units consume a lot of electricity, though, so they’re ideal for a smaller, insulated home addition that can trap a finite amount of heat for an extended period.

3. Portable Fireplaces

In addition to the warmth, think of the ambiance you’ll create when you choose a portable fireplace to heat your three season sunroom! Is there anything better than sitting by a fire and watching the snow fall? There are a variety of available options, including ventless and electric fireplaces.

4. Thick Carpets and Draperies

Lay down some thick carpets with good carpet pads, hang some thermal draperies, and you’ll be amazed at the difference these small additions make. You might still need a space heater to keep things cozy on those really cold days, but the more you insulate your three season sunroom, the less reliant you’ll be on additional heating sources.

New Jersey sunrooms provide so much more than just extra room; each is a personal, luxurious escape where you can experience outdoor splendor, no matter the season. Whether you need help designing a new sunroom for your home, transforming your existing space into something fabulous, or finding a custom solution for household’s unique needs, you’re going to be amazed by our results. Call NJ Sunroom Additions today to connect with one of our knowledgeable designers or technicians, or submit our online contact form to request your free project estimate.