Essex County Sunrooms

Are you interested in adding more space to your home?

A sunroom is a great way to add more space that you’ll love for years to come. The real question is what type of sunroom you would like for your home. As Essex County sunroom installers, we have years of experience helping people choose their sunroom. Two of the most popular styles is three season and all season. What’s the difference? Here are some differentiating factors:

Three Season Sunrooms

The name speaks for itself. The room is made for more temperate times of the year so spring through fall. This room usually lacks insulation and is not as integrated into the house. It is a separate room that allows you to enjoy the outdoors with a bit more protection from the elements. This is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable solution and want a bit more shelter from the elements while enjoying the outdoors.

All Season Sunrooms

All Season Sunrooms from NJ Sunrooms are the perfect addition to any New Jersey home. They require a lot of work in order to insulate it and incorporate the HVAC, but this enables you to enjoy it all year round. This room is open to the rest of the home, so it adds light and living space without subjecting you to fluctuating temperatures or harsh weather.

Do you know which one is perfect for your home improvement project? Whether you know which style you would like or not, the Essex County sunroom experts at NJ Sunroom and Additions are here to help! We can help you pick the exact model that fits your home, style and budget. Call now or visit our website to learn more about our sunrooms and get your FREE quote today!