Sunroom Repairs

Whether you have built a sunroom or a beautiful conservatory onto your home, these additions are as prone to wear and tear as any other part of the property. If you have noticed a few issues developing with your sunroom, you might be wondering if you can fix it yourself. Or, do you need to call a contractor for sunroom repairs?

Let’s take a look at some of the types of home additions and the common kinds of damage that develop on these rooms:


With glass or polycarbonate walls and ceiling, the conservatory is a room designed to allow in the maximum amount of sunlight. These rooms are great places for relaxing and soaking in the heat on a sunny day, but don’t stay warm during the winter.

Easy Fixes

In a way, conservatories have minimal maintenance requirements because they are made with simpler design and materials. It’s usually just the windowpane and a supporting frame. Some of the easier fixes a homeowner can make include:

  • Replacing damaged screens
  • Weatherstripping windows
  • Sealing mild drafts with silicone
  • Installing shades or curtains
  • Treating for pests, like ants

Professional Level Repairs

Because the conservatory is primarily made from glass or polycarbonate, there may be an increased risk of windows cracking or breaking from impacts. Of course, these issues require a trained sunroom contractor or window expert to fix.

You’ll also need professionals to deal with more stubborn or severe leaks around windows, end caps, and joints that may require opening up the roof or walls to inspect. If the floors are damaged, you may be able to manage it with a little experience. Of course, a professional contractor can also replace damaged flooring for you.

Three-Season & All-Season Sunrooms

The addition of a solid roof and wider frames between energy efficient glass panes make sunrooms more functional than conservatories. A three-season sunroom can be used through most of the year while an all-season sunroom is designed for year-round use.

Easy Fixes

Many of the issues with slight drafts and leaks can also be handled by homeowners. With a little know-how and persistence, you may be able to handle these challenges too:

  • Replacing window screens
  • Replacing window treatments
  • Updating or repairing flooring
  • Repainting the ceiling and wall

Professional Level Repairs

While sunrooms are similar to traditional home additions, there are some differences in construction that can lead to issues. Many sunrooms these days can be customized to any home style or customer preference, but they are built from interlocking panels and posts made from aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl.

Sometimes the connections between panels aren’t made tight enough or the seals wear out. It’s also possible for aluminum frames to become dented or torn from impacts. It’s a good idea to let a professional handle these issues. You should also call on a licensed contractor for the following:

  • Electrical Shorts and Repairs
  • Faulty Heating and Cooling Units
  • Window Replacement
  • Roof Leaks or Missing Shingles
  • Foundation Issues

Screen Rooms

You may also opt to build a simple screened enclosure which is a small room featuring mesh screen to keep bugs out. There usually aren’t any glass windows to worry about with these rooms, but a few issues can pop up with time.

Easy Fixes

The most common type of damage on a screen room is torn or damaged window screen. These thin screens are made from metal wire or plastic mesh that is secured in a metal or wood frame. Replacing the screen mesh may be as easy as separating the frame and stretching new mesh inside or ordering a replacement frame from the screen room manufacturer.

Other simple fixes you may be able to make include:

  • Installing plastic storm shutters
  • Installing shades
  • Painting the walls and floor
  • Repairing or replacing a screen door

Professional Level Repairs

Many patio enclosures are made from wood or composite materials. If you start to notice structural issues, such as rotting wood or loose posts, consider having a sunroom contractor look at it. These problems may be more involved than they appear or require special tools to fix.

If you are living with a damaged sunroom or home addition, reach out to NJ Sunroom Additions. We have trained and licensed experts who can provide swift sunroom repairs. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with a free consultation today.